What are our instincts?

Here at the House, we appreciate super-cool stylin' on our personage and on our pooches. Maybe it’s the laidback, sundrenched lifestyle – or maybe we just spend too much time riding boards – but we don’t take things too seriously.

Life’s supposed to be fun right? If our cunning canine companions have taught us anything – it’s how to find joy in the simplicity of being with those you love. 

We continue to be in the whirlwind worlds of fashion, photography & advertising and we even style for the stars – but this isn’t just a passion project. We owe a lot to our four-legged friends who keep us honest and grounded – and for their unconditional devotion, they deserve more than corny grade-school graphics and clip-art bone-pattern accessories.  And so do you. We have scoured the globe for what we consider to be the most stellar of labels to bring you and your pooch objects of desire - for strength, durability, wearability and lifestyle with environment in mind.  We don't settle for mass produced 'pet shop' style products, our ranges are hand-picked and 'haute hound' without the hefty price tags.

This is the ‘about us’ page, but really it’s about you too, because we want the same as you – cool stuff, great friends (furry and not!) and good times.

If you want to get your paws on anything you see on our website, or have any questions, feel free to give us a howl anytime.

You can also sign up and run with our pack for special VIP treatment.

Keep it waggin’

The Crew 

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