Capturing the Lifestyle

There’s nothing quite like the bond we share with our beloved pets. They mean so much to us and they share so much of our lives. One way to celebrate that beautiful connection is to capture the moments you share. Now, we’re not talking about a hokey ‘staged’ portrait with zany poses and paw-print backdrops! That’s not your life – well it certainly isn’t ours! What you and your companion need is something that displays the real joy you share – with specialist styled, professional photographs that represent the lifestyle you share with your dog.  You choose the location and just hang out with your little buddy. We’ll make sure it’s true to you and your hound – and of course, that it looks amazing!

If you’d like to know more, we’d love to hear your ideas and help find a way to create your perfect poochy pictures. Call or send us an email to give us a howl for any queries you may have.

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